74 Schwinn Twinn Deluxe Rebuild

April 25th, 2015 wheels

I was really sick over valentines day and Katie snagged this bike for $50 on craigslist as a present/pick me up and damn did it work. The couple she bought it from were the original owners and they were pretty excited that someone was going to clean it up. I ended up going with a pretty standard restoration replacing some parts that made sense or couldn't get cleaned up enough. It ended up being about two months of parts cleaning and then I was able to get the whole thing back together in a week in time for an engagement photo shoot we had scheduled.

The bike is a blast to ride despite the weight (64bs) and a lot of frame flex. Having the 5 speed model of this bike is definitely worth it given how much of a tank it is as well.

The Work

Some of the photos below are by Lauren at Natural Bliss Photography. If you need photos in the DC / Northern Virginia area, go hire her because she's awesome!