PHP Koans

PHP programming exercises for anyone new to programming or PHP. You start with a suite of failing tests and begin to add code so the tests pass and gradually learn the basics of programming in the process. This is in progress and I'm actively working on finishing it.


A version of the classic puzzle game Tetris written purely in Javascript and Canvas. It seems like everything is heading towards Javascript lately so I mostly wrote this just for fun and to improve my JS skills. It is playable in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox and does not work on mobile. The source is available here.

DC Metro Arrival Times Android App

DC Metro Arrival Times

I wanted a break from web programming and ended up liking Android development way more than I thought I would. This is app performs one simple function. It displays estimated arrival times for trains in the Washington DC Metro System. There are apps that do more, but I went for a streamlined interface that got to what most users were after without a lot of clutter. There are currently over 7,000 active users of the app and I've gotten great feedback. Metro also mentions it on their website.

Crumbum Expression Engine Plugin

I really dig Expression Engine for building CMS driven websites and couldn't find a plugin that did exactly what I needed. This plugin handles automatic breadcrumb generation for anyone using the Pages Module in Expression Engine.