3D Printed Bocce Ball Stand

August 17th, 2015 dev

On our honeymoon Katie and I won a bocce tournament at the Francis Coppola Winery and the prize was two signature bocce balls. Since I've been in "any excuse to use 3D printing" mode, I decided to make a stand to display them.

I drew everything on paper to get all of the dimensions correct and then created the shape in SketchUp which is very easy to use if you're new to 3D modeling. You'll likely want the weld plugin to get started with drawing and also SketchUp STL for exporting a file that's easy for 3D printers to work with.

Once you're happy with your model, you can upload it to a site like Shapeways, verify the size, choose a material, and they'll ship you the piece in 2 weeks.